The SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website

The SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website

WordPress is one of the most popular, robust and versatile content management systems (CMS) available right now. WordPress enables you to easily design a blogging website or acts as a support which drives your e-Commerce business.

One special thing about WordPress is that it allows you to effortlessly design any type of website even if you have no knowledge regarding creating a website or HTML code. Even though WordPress has a wide list of features, one thing which stands out about WordPress is it being amazingly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

What is SEO and why it matters

SEO is a set of rules that are the followed by the website owner to optimize their websites for the search engines and thus improve the search engine rankings. It also provides them a great way to increase the quality of their website by making them user-friendly and easier to navigate.

SEO is good for the branding of your business. You will always want to appear as much high as possible in the search engine rankings when people search for your products and services. Staying constantly in the search results will enable you to gain more mindshare with each potential customer. There are many other ways in which SEO is important for your business.

Now let us discuss the SEO benefits of using WordPress for your business website.

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1. Adding Content To Website is Easy

Adding Content To Website is Easy ~ SEO benefits of using WordPress

Content acts as the biggest driver when increasing SEO rankings are concerned. The easy usage of WordPress has made Content Optimization and blogging much easier. In a blog post, you can add a title with your keyword including some links and tags to internally link within the pages of the post. Publishing your content will make you feel confident about the presence of your content. Doing this regularly will draw more people to your website and boost it even more. The WordPress editor is same as using a Word document which makes its usage simple. Thus, optimizing the content based on ‘On-page’ SEO factors becomes very easy.

2. SEO Friendly Permalinks

In WordPress, links are termed as Permalinks. Permalinks define the way your URLs look and are displayed to the users. All the URLs of your website can be easily customized which is a very important aspect of SEO. When a post or article is generated in WordPress, an URL is immediately created. WordPress allows you to make SEO Friendly URLs or permalinks. These SEO friendly URLs contain keywords that explain the article and are easy to read by both humans and search engines. Search engines like Google spot these keywords. They improve the chances of a website to rank higher in the search engines.

3. WordPress is Open Source

WordPress being open source means that as a user you don’t have to pay any license fee or subscription fees to use it. Being open source also means that it is constantly updated. There are a large number of smart programmers and developers who are always working on WordPress to make it better, up to date and SEO friendly. As a business owner, you are benefiting from this. All the programmers constantly work on the software and try to integrate new features in the form of updates. All these useful additions will be useful for your business in some way or the other.

4. Clean Code

WordPress comes with a very clean code. Thus, minimizing the effects of people adding malicious or affected parts to the code. Some of the free themes and templates have some links in the code. This is purposely done by the developers as they hide links in the code, linking back to their websites. Google spots this and applies a warning in the SERPs to the affected site. This would be bad for your business and you may end up getting penalized for this in the rankings by Google. So it is better to use premium WordPress themes as they are highly secure and free from all the malicious elements.

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5. RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. However, often it is referred to as a news or news feed. Every WordPress website automatically publishes RSS feeds for content and comments. RSS feeds help to improve SEO by sending your content to a feed directory with a link coming back to your website. RSS Feeds enable your readers to subscribe to your feed. By this, they can read your blog as and when you post new content. WordPress comes with a built-in RSS feed which is a very powerful SEO tool.

6. WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a library consisting of thousands of plugins which provides additional functionalities to your site. This is a help for both the webmasters and the end users. Earlier you would have to hire a programmer to add these additional functionalities to your website. Now, whatever feature you want to add to your website, you will probably find a WordPress plugin for it. WordPress has quite a few number of SEO plugins that are available. It has a comprehensive and effective group of plugins to choose from. We all are aware that SEO is one of the most important tools to utilize for any website or blog. Equipping your site with SEO plugins will significantly increase the traffic on your website.

7. Optimize Images for SEO

Optimize Images for SEO ~ SEO benefits of using WordPress

Visual content in form of images is an integral part of any website. Most of the visitors get attracted to visually appealing website designs. When you add images to your blog page or post, a little window will appear where you can add an image title and the image alt text. Google cannot read images and has no way of knowing what an image is. Thus, adding an image title and alt text will give you an another way to add your keywords and also help Google in identifying the image. You should make sure that the image is as small as it can be in terms of download size by using the correct image compression.

8. Create Categories

Categories will allow you to automatically arrange your content in the form of folders or directory on your website. This will be of a great help to a visitor as it would enable him to easily find any article published on your website. There is no point in having a website which is complex in design as the visitors will then start looking for other better options on the web. A website which has information in a well-organized manner is favorable for the search engines. It will also help in indexing your website on Google or any other search engine.

9. Ping New Articles or Posts

WordPress ping list is very useful as it expands your blog reach to major search engines. Whenever you publish or edit a blog or posting, your WordPress website will alert a range of different websites that are listed under your ping update service. So, in this way the ping services get notified about every new post and the search engine will index them. This is pinging and is very valuable in helping your website getting ranked in the search engines. WordPress has a built-in function which automatically pings search engines, blog directories and RSS feed sites.

10. Create Tags

Tags are same as the labels. These are found at the end of an article on any WordPress blog website and enables you to use keywords phrases in order to describe your post. These tags or keywords allows the search engines to better index your blog post which will assist the visitors who are searching information to find your website. Tags are one of the most crucial aspects of on-page SEO. They provide the visitors with a relevant choice of other articles which are related to the one they are already reading. Tags in the form of title tags, header tags, meta tags have been demonstrated to boost engagement and increase traffic.

11. Installation of Google Sitemaps

There are many benefits which Google sitemaps have for the website owners. It helps the visitors to see an outline of exactly what they can find on the website. Site maps will let you place web pages under categories. Pages that carry important content will be crawled and indexed faster than those which have less priority. A sitemap is recommended for new websites or web pages it will allow them to be discovered fast. Monitoring your sitemap reports will help you learn a lot about your visitors. This information will help you improve your content and attract more traffic.

In the End

From the above points, it is clear that WordPress is very beneficial for your business website from an SEO perspective. Owning a website is not enough as you will have to generate traffic and create awareness of your website. Creating a loyal base of your visitors is necessary for the constant growth of your business.

Let me know if I have neglected any of the important benefits that should have been mentioned along with the above points, in the comments section below

Author Bio: Sarah Clarke is working as a professionally qualified WordPress developer at WordSuccor Ltd., a renowned firm providing PSD to WordPress Conversion Services at very reasonable cost with a global reach. She loves to share her thoughts on WordPress and always looking for learning something new about it. You can follow her company on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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