Inside the Mind of a Link Builder: Interview with Venchito Tampon from Digital Philippines

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Venchito Tampon: Interview with a Link Builder - Christopher Jan Benitez

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As with all aspects of digital marketing, effective link building is never an easy feat to achieve.

Google keeps updating its search algorithm to encourage organic ways to come up with backlinks for their websites.

The biggest challenge now for link builders is to come up with sustainable and creative link building tactics and strategies that will foolproof them from incoming Google updates.

Venchito Tampon, a 21-year old marketing director/motivational speaker/link builder, knows a thing or two on how to get this done. Click here to learn what he has to say.

Due to the well-written and helpful post he wrote, I asked Venchito for an interview, to which he obliged. I wanted to get a better idea of Venchito’s thought process and approach towards link building. Below is his answers to my questions.

What attracted you the most to link building compared to other digital marketing activities?

The primary reason that I focused on link building alone rather just becoming a full-blown digital marketer (learning everything under the sun) is because of the fact that this specific search marketing activity mainly requires creativity and a good process.

It’s almost impossible to build links today without any creativity in mind and an ability to connect with key influencers and bloggers in the industry.

What’s your favorite link building tool? Why?

Ahrefs. The tool has many features that are useful for link prospecting phase, including:

  • Identifying domains/pages that are linking to a specific URL or overall domain.
  • Finding the top pages of a certain website, which are sorted from highest to lowest root referring domains.
  • Determining the industry’s top pages for a specific keyword phrase using Ahrefs’ new feature – Content Explorer.
  • Seeking profitable link opportunities (e.g. resource pages) using the Broken Backlinks feature, wherein you can see if the website has broken page(s) that possibly may have domains linking to it/them.

There are other incredible features of Ahrefs that you should know about. For more useful tips, you may want to check out my in-depth Ahrefs review on my blog.

If you had a chance to create a brand new SEO/link building tool, what are its primary features?

If I will create a brand new SEO tool, it will surely have the following features:

  • Mentions – tracking unlinked and/or linked mentions of a brand/page/domain.
  • Top pages – listing the most referred pages of a website, sorted from highest to lowest referring domains and/or from highest to lowest social shares.
  • LSI –   a feature box wherein you can see all related phrase/terms of anchor texts that are used in linking to other relevant pages and also including all industry terms that surround a specific link within the page – this is very useful in creating content since you can add many useful terms to your page, which can help you rank for long tail keywords (other than your target phrases).
  • Link intersectGarett French from Citation Labs created an awesome tool that solely has this link intersect function.
  • Press releases – just like HARO, you can find press opportunities through email alerts that’ll be send to your account every time there is a journalist or news reporter who is looking for knowledgeable insights on a certain topic.

Out of curiosity, has anybody told you that you’re terrible at link building before?


What’s the most difficult link building task that you were able to overcome?

Almost all link building tasks are difficult when executed at the first time, but eventually, as you see things in the right way, you’ll be able to simplify processes and tasks that will certainly make your work easier than before.

Are you working full-time with LinkCore Media or do you have other engagements on the side? What would you suggest freelancers and entrepreneurs do when building a digital marketing agency?

Venchito Tampon Interview

Yes. I work full time for LinkCore Media as its Co-Founder and Marketing Director. Half of the time is spent on the business operations – executing campaigns and overseeing things to make sure that we provide high quality link building services.

Alongside my task as a director, I also speak at local digital marketing conferences. It was just this year that I received a handful of speaking opportunities, which is a great challenge for me becoming a 21 year-old shy type guy. ☺

I also pursue my passion becoming one of the  best Filipino motivational speakers here in the Philippines. ☺ Though it will surely take a lot of practice, the branding and potential business value that’ll flow from it is worth investing my time in.

Network with industry entrepreneurs. You can refrain from making big mistakes by simply learning from other people’s mistakes and experiences. And from my experience starting my own link building company, it was easy for me to grow it from scratch, given that almost every day, I chat with my colleagues, ask them specific questions and get mentored by them.

Just to name a few, here are the persons that I considered as my industry mentors/influencers:

Take us through a regular day in the life of Venchito Tampon.

I don’t have a regular plan for each day but here is what I commonly do (with corresponding time range).

  • 9 am to 10 am (read my Bible, do house chores)
  • 10 am to 11 am (responding to email inquiries from clients, social engagement on Twitter and Facebook)
  • 11 am to 1 pm (answering interview questions, client meetings, writing my outline for my next blog post)
  • 1 pm to 5 pm (writing my new post if it is Monday, business operations for Tuesday to Friday)
  • 5 pm to 9pm (relax)
  • 11 pm onwards (responding to email inquiries, client meetings)
  • 2 or 3 pm (sleep/rest)

Seems like most of your social media activity is all about link building and SEO. Tell us something that people don’t know about you.

I’m reading blogs about startup, personal finance, entrepreneurship and process development – which I guess are very important matters when starting your own online business.

What’s the best advice that you can give aspiring link builders?

Know the basics of SEO & link building – becoming advanced is just being good at the basics.

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