As a site owner, it’s difficult to choose the best writer who will take care of all your content needs. Everybody claims to be the best guy for the job, so it’s to discern who will actually do good business with you.

While I toot my own horn as well by saying that I’m more than capable to handle writing content for your site, don’t simply take my word for it. Let my clients and colleagues whom I’ve worked with throughout the years tell you what they think of my writing skills.

Spoiler alert: They all gave me glowing views!

devesh sharma

Devesh Sharma


I have been working with Christopher for a very long time and he has always been quick & professional. If you are looking for a quality writer, Chris is your guy.

adam connell

Adam Connell

Blogging Wizard

Christopher is a great communicator and always delivers work on time, and to a high standard.

jerry low

Jerry Low


I have worked with Christopher Jan for years in multiple projects. His articles are well written and always delivered on time. I have nothing but great to say about him as a writer and my friend. Highly recommended!

Ofir Englin

Ofir Englin


We’ve been working with Christopher for close to a year now, and will continue to do so. Christopher doesn’t overcommit, always delivers on time, and has a great work ethic and a professional approach which I love. Warmly recommend.

steve toth

Steve Toth


I really enjoy working with Christopher! He knows how to write for SEO, listens to the brief, and delivers on time. I recommend him if you’re looking for a reliable writer that knows how to produce pages that rank!

David Jones

David Jones


Chris has been working with us for about 8 months now and has quickly established himself as one of our best, most reliable, and diverse writers. Although he initially joined us as a WordPress and online marketing writer he was also able to take on content work for us in other niches such as lifestyle, spirituality, tech & gadgets, and web development.

craig campbell

Craig Campbell


Christopher was a pleasure to work with, great content and was always on time. What I really liked was I simply gave him editorial access and he did the whole process for me, which made it a lot easier for me.

charles floate

Charles Floate


I’ve spent a few years working with Christopher now, and if you need high-quality content for the digital marketing space then there’s no other guy that’ll give you as good of a bang for your buck as Christopher will!

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