Need high-quality content? I’m your guy!

My name’s Chris, and I like to believe that I’m a very good professional freelance writer.

Below are the reasons why:

Write content optimized for search engines

I follow the best on-page SEO practices for my content, thus helping your site get more traffic from search engines.

Develop a content strategy for your site or blog

I will create a content plan from the ground up to help you achieve your online business goals.

Promote published content on my social channels

I will share the published content I wrote for you with thousands of my followers on social media.

I am awesome

I had to fill out the text here and can’t think of anything else to write. But really, I communicate well, I deliver on time, and am free to chat if you have nothing to do!

But really, who am I?

I’m a freelance SEO writer for different clients and have content published in various online publications.

However, things weren’t always peachy.

I had to scratch and claw my way into freelance writing as a necessity to help support me and my family.

Having lost my only client as a VA in 2014 with no backup and savings and with our firstborn on the way, I had to do something.

There were bumps along the way, but I persevered and built my way up to where I am now.

Throughout the years as an SEO writer, I have written for people like:

  • Spencer Haws (founder of Long Tail Pro and Link Whisper)
  • Jerry Low (\WebHostingSecretRevealed.net)
  • Adam Connell (Blogging Wizard)
  • Devesh Sharma (WPKube)
  • Steve Toth (SEO Notebook)

…and I’m just getting started!

As mentioned, I write content optimized to rank for search engines so you can increase your site’s traffic and visibility.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’m all ears – click here to schedule a call with me, and let’s make this happen!

Now, other things you may want to know about me:

  • I’m a big fan of heavy metal, especially NWOBHM. Currently banging my head to Megadeth’s “Dystopia.”
  • I also accept craft burgers as currency. If you can find a way to send over a good, old-fashioned medium-well cheeseburger for my writing services, let me know.
  • I’m a tool for professional wrestling (it’s still real to me, damnit!). John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship at the 2011 Money in the Bank is one of the best matches I’ve ever seen.
  • My goal in life is to be the best husband, father, and son to my wife and family. No questions.

If you want to hear more of my weirdness, you can listen to this podcast I did with Martin Lindeskog:

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