Breathe new life into underperforming and existing content and restore your keywords rankings, if not appear higher on search results.


Why Choose My Content Reoptimization Services?

Due to the rampant and aggressive Google algorithm updates, there’s a risk you may lose organic traffic on some of your pages. My service will identify what these pages are and rework them so you can restore or increase your traffic.

After identifying which pages were negatively affected by the algo update, I will send you a report determining which keywords they lost the most traffic from and create a Surfer SEO Content Editor for this keyword cluster.

Once I have your green light to optimize the content, I will use my tried-and-tested reoptimization process to address issues that may have caused your site to lose its keyword rankings and send it to you for review and publishing.

What Does My Content Optimization Services Include?

Keyword Research Report

I will research keywords to find relevant terms from which the page lost the most traffic and document its rankings for the past six months. I will also include search volume, keyword competitiveness, and search intent for each.

Surfer SEO Content Editor Link

The report also contains a Surfer SEO Content Editor of the existing website content, which shows you its score based on the tool’s SEO metrics. From here, I will reoptimize the content to increase its score for the relevant keywords from which it lost traffic.

Start the Reoptimization Process

I will send the Surfer SEO Content Editor the reoptimized version of the content and a final report that documents the changes between both versions. This will let you see the exact steps to optimize your content for its target keywords.

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Why Choose Me?

Standing out requires more than just optimized content—it demands strategic optimization. With 17 years of SEO writing and optimization experience, I’ve crafted a proven methodology that matches and often surpasses the performance of your top-ranking competitors to satisfy your target audience and search engines.

Whether it’s for Clearvoice, X3 Digital, Charles Floate, Josh George, Visme, or On The Map (name-drop much?), my work has consistently helped website pages climb to the pinnacle of SERPs, making me your ideal partner in reinvigorating your site’s content strategy.


Ready to Revamp Your Content Strategy?

Don’t let a setback on search engines hold you back. With my Content Reoptimization Services, your pages will not only recover lost rankings but are set to dominate the SERPs. Fill out the form below to start your journey to content excellence.