Effective Blogging: 7 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

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Why do people become bloggers? First of all, they know what they want to tell people. But this work also brings its advantages in the form of growing popularity. Popularity, in turn, pays you money and collaboration.

If you become a recognized expert in your field, you become an opinion leader. And opinion leaders are a valuable ally for companies that need advertising via influencers.

Marketers blog to promote a site and business. Some companies and individuals write about the latest technologies. Finally, solo bloggers share personal stories, opinion pieces, and experiences.

This article will help you with blog post ideas for beginners if you choose to be an independent writer. Consider them if you want to start blogging and make it a way to earn money.

How to Create a Blog

Starting a blog is impossible without dealing with some technical details. Before choosing a niche and revealing your thoughts, you need to select a platform for creating a blog. It’s the software or channel that you will use for your content to go live.

Where can you create your blog? The platforms are diverse, including the types of content that can rank on Google. Whether you shoot videos or take photos and write text, your resources may be the following:

  • social media, such as Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • a separate website.

A YouTube channel and Instagram account are rather easy to manage, nonetheless, launching your website will take more time.

What’s for a blog on a website, there are many options today, including Zyro, Squarespace, and WordPress. After you’ve set up your blog, you need to ensure your site loads fast. Just like if you’re an online store owner, you optimize your store performance.

7 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners You Can Opt For

Blogging is both about sharing your ideas and making a profit, but it isn’t as simple as it seems. First of all, you need to stick to a specific theme and write regularly. Of course, you can write about anything you want because you’re the master of the situation. But if you switch your blog’s primary idea, your audience will constantly change.

Why do you need to build a faithful following? A loyal audience allows you to collaborate with brands because they will know who you reach out to. Companies can find their target audience on your blog and understand whether their solution will be popular with your readers.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the topics to bring up in your blog. You can apply them on any platform, whether it’s a blog on a website, Instagram, or a vlog on Youtube.

1. Listicles

Like any form of content marketing, listicles have pros and cons. From the reader’s perspective, people love them because they’re easy to consume. From your perspective, they don’t take much time to write.

However, many resources churn out repetitive ratings. Take lists of the ten best films or books as an example. If you copy the same information from other resources, it won’t have any value for readers.

How can you interest the user with listicles? First, test out, try, taste, use, or experience what you’re planning to share your opinion about. For example, read the books and watch the films from your collection. Then, give a thoughtful comment on each one. Provide insights into what you liked and what you can argue with.

Give a concise overview of your choice and be honest with your audience. A unique perspective and personal cases bring all these lists, tops, and compilations to life.

2. Practical Guides

Writing how-to articles is an excellent blog idea if you are an expert in some field and know how to convey information to people.

The majority of individuals nowadays look for answers on the internet. So why not put your expertise to use by sharing them online? Publishing a how-to article or filming a tutorial video are ways to accomplish this. 

How can you present your materials? For example, you can target readers searching for a quick fix to an issue with hacks and tips. Or you may opt for a more professional audience looking to improve their project and write more thoughtful guides. The options are limitless. The audience’s interests are diverse, so find your niche to satisfy their curiosity.

Again, your advice should convey value. Don’t simply rewrite someone else’s instructions. Take a topic you know a lot about, give it a new lease of life with your personal experience. Then write down the guidance in as much detail as possible, and people will appreciate your material.

Nyane Lebajoa is an Instagram beauty blogger with 1.6 million followers. She’s an expert in makeup, wigs, and fashion and is one of the leading beauty influencers.

On the Socialbakers influencer scorecard, Nyane Lebajoa received an unbeatable 100 points thanks to her strong engagement with her audience. Unsurprisingly, top brands from Temper Hair to NYX Cosmetics are eager to partner with her. See how she can create stunning and fresh looks.

Screenshot was taken on the official Nyane Lebajoa Instagram account

3. Interviews and Discussions

You can’t be an expert in everything. Therefore, collaborate with those who have an opinion or some neat insights.

Invite clients, experts, and executives to add personality and credibility to your blog. Share their success stories, photos, and tips. It will make you stand out from other bloggers and establish a deeper connection with the audience.

You don’t necessarily need to conduct interviews in person or live to forecast them. There are so many opportunities and platforms on the market nowadays, such as Skype or Zoom. All you need is a laptop or smartphone, a voice recorder, and a list of questions. Think about how you’ll direct the dialogue and what its topic will be.

You can even limit yourself to email if the interlocutor is too tight in time. Of course, you won’t be able to feel his emotions this way. But you can collect quality material even with online communication.

4. Personal Experience

One of the straightforward blog post ideas for beginners is turning your blog into a personal diary. You can describe life events, thoughts, and your personal and professional experience there.

The advantage of a diary is that you can write about or film anything. You can do book reviews, discuss renovations, DIY, and crafts, makeup tutorials, give parenting tips, bring up social matters that you care about, or show people around the places you love in your city. There are no boundaries.

To make your online diary captivating, come up with your identity. For example, write or post in the same style or express your point of view that is different from others.

Such a blog is interesting to readers because it shows real-time events. The author makes mistakes and progresses. It’s a real person who talks about his life to the audience.

Miss Thrifty talks on the pages of her blog about how to save money for young moms. The topic precisely targets the audience’s requests, doesn’t it? Apparently, young moms leave jobs and earn less. So, they have to be money-savvy to deal with new challenges.

The author Miss Thrifty shares her thoughts in a conversational tone and gives the impression of a friend’s advice. This blog offers helpful content with practical value.

Screenshot was taken on the official Miss Thrifty website

5. Virtual Reality, AI, Technology

Digital technologies will become more popular over the years. We are surrounded by smart machines, complex algorithms, and neural networks. Yet, we often overlook how modern technology integrates into our workflows and everyday life.

There are more and more fields to implement artificial intelligence, IoT solutions, and virtual reality to process data and facilitate communication. Do you know that VR helps drive sales and educate customers, and AI benefits both HR professionals and marketers?

If you understand what’s going on in this sphere, help others figure it out by starting a blog about modern technology trends.

6. Cooking

Do you love to cook and know how to present it beautifully? Start blogging with recipes. Remember, a cooking blog isn’t just fun. You should make your food look appetizing so that your readers want to eat it right from the screen.

To do it, make high-quality pictures of your dishes and learn to work with photo and video editing software. Besides, shooting a video, creating a photo, and editing takes hours. So if you’re ready to devote time to it, a cooking blog is worth considering.

7. Reviews

Before buying, people study reviews. They want to find out the quality of the product, the price, and the feel. So, turn your blog into a platform for reviewing products

When doing reviews, you give a personal assessment and tell how the product performs. People will come to your resource for such unique information that companies may hide.

For example, compare several items in the same category. It will allow your readers to choose and consider the product features.

If you know phones inside and out, you can talk about them from several manufacturers. For example:

  • “Phone X vs. Phone X: a Side-by-Side Comparison.”
  • “The Best Mobile Phones Under XXX Dollars.”

Tell your audience about the most critical functions of each product and list the pros and cons. Don’t seem too biased in favor of one specific product. The last thing your readers want is a direct advertisement.

Do you know that a review blog can also help you make money? With special programs like Amazon Affiliates, you can monetize your blog by just talking about goods.

Here’s an example of how DOPE or NOPE bloggers present products for home leisure. As we see, the channel enjoys popularity among over one million subscribers on Youtube. They offer viewers the opportunity to have fun without leaving their homes. Did you notice that they attached a link to their game in the description of the video? You can go to the Amazon product page and buy it.

Screenshot was taken on the official DOPE or NOPE YouTube channel

To Sum Up

Blogging is an excellent opportunity to share your opinion with the world and make money. You can bring value to people through your writing. Do you know how to embroider? Create a blog where you will talk about your tricks, share your design and finished products. You can even attach a link where readers can buy your creations or the products that you use.

Maybe you know everything about a healthy lifestyle? Help your audience change their habits for the better. Don’t forget to check the information and don’t advise something harmful or dangerous for their health.

Collaborate with brands and platforms, offer ads, and showcase what you can do. As you can see, the blog post ideas for beginners are limited only by your imagination. As well as possibilities to monetize your writing.

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