Content Writing Essentials

Get equipped in launching a sustainable content writing career! Apply our lessons to eventually work from home and replace your full-time job.

Below are other resources I’ve created that freelancers, content writers, and bloggers could use to help improve their career, build better blog content, and get more clients for their business:


Get Paid to Write Articles: 150+ Websites that Pay You to Write

Find out sites where you can get paid to write articles to help you build a portfolio.


MASSIVE LIST: 1,343 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

If you want to build your authority and generate more brand visibility, then download this list of blogs that accept guest posts.


Expert Blogger Interview

This growing collection of interviews with successful bloggers from different niches hopes to inspire you to pursue your own career as a blogger.


Best Digital Marketing Tools Review

Read unbiased reviews of digital marketing tools I’ve tried and tested to help you make informed decisions as to which tools to use.


Guest Posting Tutorial

Guest posting is one of my main skills as a freelance writer. I used this tactic to improve my online visibility to potential clients can check out my work and hire me if they liked in work. In this FREE 10-day email course, I will teach you how to find the best blogs where you can submit your guest post and how to market and promote them online so you can maximize your reach!


Brainstorming for Your Freelance Business Name

Let’s face it: your freelance business name will set the tone for your career. Finding the right one that best describes who you are and what you can do will be crucial to your success! In this FREE resource, you can download my template where you can properly brainstorm for the best names to use for your freelance business and narrow them down to the very best one!