Guest Posting Tutorial

Learn how to leverage guest posting as a way to establish your online authority and get more clients in the process, even if you’re not a writer! Watch the introductory video of this FREE course to begin. And check out the other videos below.



You know you’re awesome, but your audience doesn’t yet. Guest posting will help them remember your name (cue Fort Minor song).


For writers, you can include the posts you’ve written as sample works in your job applications. For non-writers, use the guest post as a guide to your audience.


If done correctly, your guest posts can help leads take notice of your work and reach out to you for business opportunities. Who could say “no” to that?

MODULE 2: What is guest posting?

Learn the benefits of guest posting and why you need to do it for your online business. We’ll also talk about its history and examples of great guest bloggers.

MODULE 3: How to find sites to submit guest posts

Find out the exact process of how you can find the best sites where you can submit your guest post.

MODULE 4: Pitching for a guest post

Understand how some guest post pitches work by learning the different parts that make a great pitch.

MODULE 5: Writing a (guest) post: a crash course

Learn how to write a guest post that site editors will love to publish on their sites.

MODULE 6: Sending the post/getting it published

After sending your guest post, learn what to expect to do next. (HINT: Sit back and relax)

MODULE 7: How to guest post for different industries

Watch the step-by-step process of how long finding sites to guest post on and sending a pitch takes.

MODULE 8: Leveraging the published posts for better jobs

Learn how you can use the published post to your advantage to increase your authority and get jobs.

MODULE 9: Integrating guest posting in your sales funnel

Determine where you can place guest posting into your sales funnel so you can attract more clients.

MODULE 10: Conclusion

Synthesize all course modules and be confident to launch your guest blogging strategy. Also, learn how much guest posting helped me earn so far.


Well, not really.

However, it did help me build enough credibility and clout in my industry, which resulted in me getting more clients in the process!

Guest posting is a crucial aspect of my freelancing career that I want to share not only with writers but also with freelancers and even entrepreneurs about how they can leverage this tactic to increase their bottom line.

The 10-course video module will help you develop a guest posting strategy that allows you to get published on authoritative sites that generate lots of traffic. From there, your posts have a great chance of reaching potential clients who could offer you work!

In Case You Don’t Know, I Can Do The Guest Post For You!

I’ll do the same thing I showed you in the videos above for you so you can benefit from the power of guest posting to help grow your online business.