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How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities to Boost Your Reach - Christopher Jan Benitez Originally published on July 21, 2015. Updated last January 9, 2017. One of the most difficult tasks when forming your strategy for guest blogging is looking for guest blogging opportunities. Some opportunities are offered to you when site owners, impressed with your writing skills, offer you a chance to write a guest post on their blog. Aside from this, however, you are left to your own devices when it comes to looking for other sites to send your guest posts. On our previous post, we discussed the entire process of developing a sustainable guest blogging plan so you can continuously reach out to your target audience from other sites by writing a post on these sites. However, we were not able to delve into the mechanics of looking for guest blogging opportunities. There were three tips mentioned in the previous post, namely: visiting, using the right Google search queries, and going to Twitter and Google+ for fresh sites to submit your guest post. While these should be enough to help you find sites for guest blogging opportunities, there are more tactics that you can employ to find more sites. By stumbling upon more sites, you can stock them up in your file and reach out to them as soon as you finish the first batch. Doing this on a consistent basis will give you more sites to write on and allow you to extend your guest blogging strategy!

In this post, therefore, we will talk about how you can find more guest blogging opportunities.Click To Tweet
In this post about guest blogging opportunities, you will learn the following:

  • The reason why you need to do guest blogging
  • How to find guest blogging opportunities using Google Search
  • Why Google+ Communities is a good place to find sites where you can guest post
  • How to conduct competitive research on fellow bloggers
  • What guest blogging communities you should mine for information
  • Why building relationships with influencers is a critical step in forming a guest blogging strategy

Why do you even have to write for other sites?

Building your blog through guest blogging may seem counter-intuitive. Instead of writing for other sites, why can’t you just write your post on your own blog? While the argument makes a lot of sense, it unfairly disregards the benefits that guest blogging brings to your site, namely:

  • Reach out to an untapped audience – By writing a post on another site, you open yourself up to a brand new audience.
  • Funnel down audience from their site to yours – Related to the first point, if the readers loved your guest post and found it useful, there’s a chance that they will follow you back on your site. If you have written the same quality of content on your blog, you’re looking at a potential reader and advocate of your content!
  • Bring relationships with site owners – This point will be discussed in depth later. But basically, guest blogging allows you to maintain a working relationship with site owners that you can later leverage for future use.

Now that you have a good idea on how helpful guest posting is in building your blog, below are the ways on how to you can find guest blogging opportunities. Don’t want to find guest blogging opportunities on your own? Then download my FREE list of 1,343 blogs that accept guest posts so you can just pick and choose which sites to write for from the list!

Do a quick Google search

Most of the time, a quick search on Google solves all problems. The same thing applies to guest blogging. Simply typing “guest post” after your niche should provide you relevant results at the get go. However, if you want more specific results from your search query, then I suggest you enter this phrase on Google Search:

“niche” inurl:write-for-us Replace “niche” with your industry, i.e. marketing, lifestyle, etc. The more specific your niche is, the more specific the results will be. The search phrase will filter results that have the “write-for-us” string on its URL page.   On the page, you will find the editorial guidelines on how to write a post that the blog will accept for publishing.

Join different guest posting Communities in Google+

iStock_000027445800_Small While Google+ may be a ghost town as a social media, its Communities feature is still one of the best ways to reach out to like-minded people. Enter “guest post” or “guest blog” on the search bar and click on the Communities link to show you the different groups that you could join. 2015-07-21 20-45-35 From here, you can see different users looking for guest blogging opportunities, offering sites for bloggers to send their guest posts, and looking to collaborate with other writers.

Quick tip: If you want to write about digital marketing for a high-quality site, then I suggest you pitch to Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Click here and read the editorial guidelines before pitching your guest post idea.

Find best guest bloggers and “steal” their sites

Arguably the most effective way to find the best guest bloggers in your niche is using Followerwonk. By entering “keyword “guest post”” in the search bar, you will see Twitter users that best match your search query. The order of the results is the highest follower to the lowest. 2015-07-21 20-15-24 Visit their Twitter account to see their tweets. Most likely, they will be tweeting their latest guest posts published on different sites. Check the site to see if you can submit a post. 2015-07-21 20-21-08 To make it much easier for you to find the sites where they have written for, find their Google+ profile and check out their About page and look for the Contributions section. You can expect to see most of the sites listed here. Visit each of them to see if you can submit a guest post.

Mine popular guest blogging communities

As mentioned in another post, guest blogging as an SEO strategy was killed off by Matt Cutts. As proof that Google is not taking the proliferation of low-quality content through guest blogging lightly, it cut off the guest blogging industry’s head when it penalized MyBlogGuest and member of the site. 2015-07-21 20-46-29 Years have passed, and MyBlogGuest is still alive, among other websites, which connects bloggers and publishers for guest blogging opportunities. While its reputation has far from recovered after its penalization, it still provide a platform for you to find sites where you can send your posts to be published. Keep in mind that if you wish to pursue these sites as part of your guest blogging strategy, you should prefer for the possible consequences that may come in being part of these sites. However, it is never bad to try them out and experience for yourself.


Build connections with influencers

It has become more difficult nowadays to write for other blogs. Marketers who use guest blogging as a way to get backlinks have damaged the trust that exists between publisher and writer as a whole. However, their strained relationship bears some good news: it discourages spammy marketers from guest blogging. Therefore, the floor is now open for earnest bloggers who want to guest blog for the purpose of providing value to readers and getting them to visit your site. But before bloggers can get their guest posts published, they need to jump through a couple of hoops. Emailing them about your intentions of guest blogging on their site won’t cut it anymore. Also, some sites that publish guest post don’t just accept offers from strangers. This time, you need to develop authentic relationships with people whose sites you want to guest blog on. That said, you need to reach out to people who matter in your niche. Guest blogging on sites with a low barrier of entry but has a few followers and traffic is not worth your time.

You need to guest blog on authoritative sites of influencers to maximize your impact. Click To Tweet I was able to grab a regular guest blogging gig at Blogging Tips because one of my clients was kind enough to introduce me to owner Zac Johnson. The method of seeking out friends and contact may be a longshot but there are other ways of how you can proceed with this.

Influencer outreach

One of the best ways is to follow them on social media, sharing their posts, and commenting on their blog. To determine if the influencer is worth reaching out to, find out if the site meets the necessary metrics that make for a high-quality guest blogging site. Once the blog owners start replying to your comments and tweets, you can start engaging with them on a more personal level. The purpose of doing these is for site owners to become familiar with you and see how active you are as their follower. Once you feel your relationship has deepened, you can finally ask them if there is a guest blogging spot available for you to fill. When proposing for a guest post, check out the blog and determine content gaps or topics that haven’t been discussed yet that you can fill in with your article. Sometimes, they agree but there are times that they don’t for different reasons. At this point, you just need to keep trying until you succeed.

Final words

Using the guidelines above, finding guest blogging opportunities should be much easier now. You can expect to find lots of sites where you can send your guest posts after conducting these tactics. Now that you have a list of sites for guest blogging opportunities, the question now is: how can I rank each site so I can focus on sending my guest posts to the best sites first? To answer this question, check out this post Factors to Determine Site Quality for Guest Blogging.

Don’t want to find guest blogging opportunities on your own? Then download my FREE list of 1,343 blogs that accept guest posts so you can just pick and choose which sites to write for from the list!

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