Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers to Keep Your Content Unique

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If you are a blogger, you are well aware of the term “plagiarism.” You have indeed listened to this and its harmful consequences for your website. 

Plagiarism is copying someone’s content and publish it under your name. In simple words, it is the duplication of other’s work without making any changes in it.

It does not matter how you are doing this because it will always be harmful to your platform. A blogger should understand this concept so they can produce unique content that ranks on Google.

And to help you get to that point, this article lists down the best plagiarism checker tools bloggers can use.

Before jumping right into it, you should know the different types of plagiarism and how to deal with each of them using the tools below.

Types of plagiarism

There are three main types of plagiarism from which a blogger can suffer. You should know about them to remove any of those types precisely.

Direct or Intentional Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is the intentional type of plagiarism that a person does without any guilt. For example, a writer or blogger will copy someone’s blog and paste it on his website.

He does not change a single phrase from the content instead of name and author details. Therefore, he’s stealing someone’s work and using it for personal use. 

This is considered the most threatening type of plagiarism because it affects how Google crawls content. For example, there are cases when the plagiarized content ranks higher than the content it was copied from — case in point: Neil Patel.

If the actual owner comes to know about this theft, he can do a copyright strike on your platform. He may also take action against the copied platform using DMCA.

It is a special law to deal with such problems and resolve them for the better progress of your website.


Being a blogger, you will write many articles or blogs on the same topic. In such a condition, your words may interact with each other, and the reader may get bored.

It is possible that you use the same words and expressions to communicate the same idea across your content. Your writing, as a result, could be subject to duplication because of the same thoughts you have on all your articles.

It is less harmful than all the other types of plagiarism you can easily reword them after the fact, assuming that you published the content on your blog.

Accidental Plagiarism

It is the last type of plagiarism in which the person is considered innocent to some extent. A blogger may have to face this because of huge data availability over the internet.

The Internet has made this type of plagiarism common for every writer and blogger. 

It is not surprising if you have been experiencing this because it is almost impossible to write unique while researching on the internet.

You can only reduce this factor and resolve this problem by rewording your resources into your own. Also, you should follow some tips to write unique content for your blog. 

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How Plagiarism Affects Your SEO

SEO is a set of tactics that allows you to push your site to the top of SERPs. It is the reason why you write content on your blog or clients hire you in the first place.

However, plagiarism may put a stop to things because you’re literally not sharing anything new with your audience. 

By the sheer act of copying and pasting the same content on your blog (in other words, stealing),  you’re wasting everyone’s time, including yours.

Here are the worst effects of plagiarism on SEO,

  • Waste all your investment of time and money
  • Give no value to your website
  • You may experience Google penalty
  • In case of DMCA, your website may be banned permanently
  • Unable you to get prominent traffic

Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers 

Aside from content writing tools, you need tools that let you check plagiarism in your content. Many of those tools are not reliable enough to rely on them.

There are multiple reasons for their less proficiency, including ads display, slow working, limited databases, and others.

Here we have made a list of the best 5 plagiarism checker tools for bloggers. You should consider them for reliable and efficient outcomes and remain away from any copyright issues.

For a blogger, it is essential to get the best tool to check for plagiarism. It is the perfect choice to deal with plagiarized content and make it unique.

By using this tool, you will be able to get better performance on your website. The framework of this tool has been made simple to be understood by every user of the writing fields.

You should not need to be an expert to check plagiarism in your content with this tool.

How to use this tool?

The process of checking plagiarism with this tool is super simple because you only have to paste your content.

You can also upload your document using Google Drive, Onedrive, or device internal storage. Once you have uploaded your file, you should do some settings for a reliable check.


If you have quoted text in your content, click the “Exclude Quotes” box. It is because the quotes will not be considered as copied content by search engines.

Also, you will see an exclude box just below the text box. If your content has some external or naked links, you should click on it and paste them into the given box.

With this, the tool will not consider it as a copied content and show you the results without regarding them.

After completing this step, click on the “Check Plagiarism” button.

The tool will start comparing your content with billions of published pages, documents, books, and blogs. It may take a while because you are doing a deep check for your content.

When the tool has checked your content and found plagiarism, it will show the results in a percentage format.

Now, you will get some underlined phrases or lines with different colours. By clicking on them, the tool will tell you whether the line is exactly copied or paraphrased.

Therefore, you can easily change them according to requirements. With this tool, the process of checking for plagiarism and its removal has become easy.

Further, you do not need to register yourself with this tool if you have 1000 words or less to check. If you want to check a blog of more than 1000 words, you will have to sign up with your email.

Plagscan is another efficient tool to check duplication in your content. This tool is efficient and reliable to cover every single document from the internet for a deep check.

You will not have to worry about limitations regarding the database of this tool. It will check your content for similarities from the entire online database and web pages.

How to use this tool?

You will only need to paste the content you want to check in the text box. For efficient check, you should select or mark all those boxes you want to use as filters.

The tool is well-known because of its extensive database coverage and fast work. You will get results of your work originality within a short time. 

The tool will give you the link to the source websites to check them and rephrase your lines.

The main problem in the entire process is the paid version of this tool. You can not use it without registration with them using your email and some other information.

Many bloggers avoid this because they can check plagiarism without paying anyone using the Prepostseo tool.

No doubt, you can use this tool for free during the free trial period. But you can not even do a single scan without buying a subscription after a short time.

If you are looking for a plagiarism checker to work with all the writing fields, then you should pick this tool. 

It is the perfect tool to work with educational documents like assignments, papers, and others.

Many teachers, students, and researchers are using this tool. Along with them, many bloggers are utilizing this tool for dealing with plagiarism problems. 


The main reason for such a high number of visitors is the versatility of this tool for all fields.

How to use this tool?

The process of using this tool is very simple as compared to all other tools available on the internet. You can upload your file in any format without taking this section into account.

Such as the tool supports Docx, doc, PDF, and plain text check with simple clicks. Also, you can check duplication in more than 5 languages, including Dutch and Italian.

You would not need to worry about the version of Windows you are using. The reason is that the tool supports all the versions of Windows and the operating system.

If you have few words to check per day, you can download this tool on your device. It will be simple because you will not need to face any problems.

You can install it with simple steps that you use while installing any application. Once you have done this, you can check limited words per day with the basic and free version.

If you have excessive words to check, you can upgrade your membership by purchasing any of their plans. 

For a blogger, the process to check content for free will be very simple and efficient with this tool.

If you are working in the writing field, it is confirmed that you have heard about this tool. Copyscape is one of the most used duplication checkers in the world.

It is the best tool, no matter whether you are a writer or a website owner. You will always find it reliable and helpful to deal with content duplication problems.

How to use this tool?

This tool has both free and paid versions from which you should choose before checking plagiarism.

If you have published your blogs already and want to check plagiarism against them, you can use the free version. 

You only have to paste your blog’s link in the URL box and click on the “Go” option.

The tool will analyze your content and show the top 10 results from where it has found duplications. You can click on any of the given links to get details about plagiarism.

But if you want to use this tool before publishing your content, you should buy a premium package. 

You can check the content originality before publishing your content and resolving any issues with it. In this way, it has made the work efficient and fast for almost every blogger.

The premium version of this tool can be utilized to keep track of your writings. Once you turn on tracking for your content, the tool will keep analyzing it constantly.

If anyone copies your content, you will be notified automatically to take action against him. With this, you can avoid penalties from the search engine and rank appropriately without any problem.

It is one of the most demanding and accurate duplication checkers in the writing field. It is the fastest tool to check plagiarism deeply and evaluate your document to make it unique.

When you paste your content or upload it, the tool will compare it for similarities among various databases.

It also checks your writings for duplication with every published document on the internet. After a complete check, it will show you exact duplicating pages.

How to use this tool?

This tool has been designed with Artificial intelligence technology to work like a human brain. You will find this tool accurate, reliable, and fast to detect any duplication from the internet.

You can use various file formats, URLs of your published article, or paste as free text to input data. This tool has made this step easy for everyone because of multiple uploading options.

Being a blogger, you can also use this tool to evaluate against self-plagiarism. It will enable you to compare your written different files and check for duplication among them.

The only problem that many bloggers find in this tool is the paid version. You will not be able to check your writings for plagiarism without buying the premium plan of the tool.

Further, you can not use this tool for a free trial without registration. In this way, you will find many problems while looking to use this tool.


Without unique content, your platform will not grow properly and unable to show expected results. For a blogger, unique content is a must-have factor.

So, you should focus on uniqueness to reserve your higher rank while creating your content.

Whether you are writing on your own or having a writer, you always check your content for plagiarism before publishing it.

For this, we have made the above list after complete research and evaluation of numerous tools available over the internet. All these tools are the best and providing up to mark features in particular dimensions.

If you are looking for the best free plagiarism checker, you should pick the tool from Prepostseo. You will get your documents checked thoroughly without paying someone.

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