Fatal Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid

Fatal Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid

Blogging is never as easy as it seems. While there is always a way to fix and undo your mistakes when starting out as a blogger, it’s better to avoid fatal blogging mistakes that will delay you from meeting your online goals.

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Chasing backlinks

Launching an effective link building strategy is necessary in order to raise your SERPs. Since search engines treat backlinks as recommendations, it is ideal to get as many backlinks as possible from other sites.

The problem with this approach is that bloggers begin scraping the bottom of the barrel for any link building tactic they can get their hands on. Due to the abuse of link exchanges, article directories, and guest posting as ways to build link, search engines were forced to penalize websites that use these spammy techniques for the sake of links.

The thing about these tactics is that they were too effective in getting links back to your site. It was only until when Google started with their algorithm updates that website owners and marketers became much pickier with the kind of link building tactics to use.


[clickToTweet tweet=”Instead of #linkbuilding, you should go the way of link earning instead.” quote=”Instead of link building, you should go the way of link earning instead.”]

Content marketing has allowed bloggers to build content that people will want to link to. By publishing long-form content using the Skyscraper Technique or evergreen content, they compel target audience to link back to your content without you asking them to! Corollary, you also build trust and authority as a subject matter expert within your niche.

There are also ways to do link building without content, which includes building relationships with bloggers and influencers within your industry. These are sustainable strategies that you should integrate within your marketing framework.

Procrastinating in writing content

One of the biggest challenges that non-writing bloggers must overcome is to produce blog content on a consistent basis. Since they are not writers by trade, they will find fleshing out their thoughts into words to be difficult.

Even if you are a blogger by nature, you will find it difficult to blog again after laying off writing for a couple of months, even days.

Fix: If hiring a writer is out of the question, you should plan your content ahead of time instead of prepping everything before you write your content. It all starts with forming a content strategy so you can determine your target keywords (for SEO), target audience and demographic (so your tone, voice, and article topics are geared towards them), and competitors (find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and capitalize on them).

Once you have developed this, build your editorial calendar so you determine how many post you plan on publishing in a month or quarter’s time and plot the outline for blog posts. This way, you remove the guesswork once you start writing each piece and just flesh out your outlines into articles.

Not reaching out to other people about your blog

Building Relationships

Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts and ideas for others to read. Unless you’re running a personal online diary, then there’s no sense to not reach out to your target audience with your blog.

One of the means to meet your online goals is traffic. One way of generating traffic is making a concerted effort to promote and marketing your blog and latest posts to the right channels. If you’re unable to do these, your blog won’t generate traffic to achieve your goals such as converting visitors into leads or customers.

Fix: Conducting a social media strategy will let you market your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other appropriate channels. Also, as mentioned earlier, building relationships with influencers and fellow bloggers will help you get more audience for your blog.

Getting just any hosting service

Beginner bloggers will be satisfied to buy just any web hosting service to run their blogging platform on (in particular WordPress).

But this decision will come back biting you in the long run. Once you have amassed lots of traffic, your visitor may encounter downtime with your blog because the server of your web hosting cannot manage thousands of blog visitors all at once.

Fix: Buying a WordPress managed hosting will help your blog run at optimum performance regardless of how many visitors you blog will receive at any given moment. To choose which managed hosting to get for your blog, be sure to read user reviews to determine which one is best for you.

Not tracking analytics

Blogging requires you to develop and implement a strategy that aims to improve your blog performance. If you don’t gather data to track how many visitors you have received form specific blog pages and how long they have stayed on yet, then you may not be able to reach the goals you’ve set for your blog.

Fix: Using Google Analytics and Content Analytics for SumoMe will let you measure the results of your blog pages and make the necessary tweaks to improve your content ROI.

Final thoughts: By referring to the actionable tips to avoid their common yet fatal blogging mistakes, you will be able to make the most out of your time writing, publishing, and promoting content on your blog. Best of all, you will be able to meet your goals much faster and more efficiently.

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  1. Great post, Chris 🙂

    Passionate bloggers always stay away from these blogging sins. Choosing the reliable hosting and tracking analytics would help bloggers to take their blog to next level.

    I like your fix in “Chasing backlinks” and yes, relationship blogging is the best.

    I enjoyed reading your post this morning, I admit that it is a nice write-up.

    • Thanks, @nirmalasanthakumar:disqus! Building relationships is the new way of building links. The stronger your relationships are with online users, the stronger the kind of backlinks you will earn from them.

      On a sidenote, I was also reading your blog a while ago. Coffee + Reading blogs in the AM + Commenting = Great Day!

      • Thanks for your quick response Chris 🙂

        Yeah, I’ve landed here after reading your comment on my blog. Thanks for the visit, you made my day.

        I 100% agree that the bloggers should focus on building the relationship.

        Cheers!!! I too comment on your blog while having hot Coffee this morning.

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